DigitalSmiths Study Affirms Cord-Changing, ‘High Dissatisfaction’

With each new survey and analysis about the outlook for cord-trimming and similar media consumption behaviors, the situation becomes more perplexing.  At this stage, the best we can expect is “directional” advice – pointing which way the business may be heading, but not specifically defining the scale of changes in viewing activities.   – See [...]

4 Ways to Meet Digitalsmiths at CES

We believe 2014 will be the biggest year yet for personalized video discovery. Kicking this year off, Digitalsmiths is headed to Las Vegas Jan. 6 – 10 for CES 2014 where we are showcasing Digitalsmiths Seamless Discovery®, the industry’s most comprehensive personalized video search and recommendations platform. Here are four ways to see Seamless Discovery [...]

What Channel Is The Game On?

For many sports fans the kick-off of the NFL season is one of the best times of the year. As the Bills and Patriots game came to an end Sunday, I was in a difficult position attempting to decide what game should I watch next and on what channel? This was common problem amongst many [...]

Digitalsmiths Sees Increase in Cord-Cutting, Cord-Thinning and Introduces New Behavior, Cord-Cheating

Our industry talks frequently about cord-cutting and cord-thinning; however, Digitalsmiths recent report titled “Q2 2013 Video Discovery Trends Report: Consumer Behavior Across Pay-TV, VOD, OTT, Connected Devices and Next-Gen Features,” reveals that while consumers are both cutting and thinning their Pay-TV services, an equally large threat is what Digitalsmiths has coined “cord-cheating.” This phenomenon, cord-cheating, [...]

Unified Information Access Provides Foundation for
 Next-Generation Video Applications

Digitalsmiths has always believed rich, vast amounts of video data are the foundation behind next-generation video discovery applications. This belief started nearly a decade ago when Digitalsmiths created the industries largest scene-level, time-based video metadata database. This database is a key component to many of our customer’s video discovery applications, but it would be inaccurate [...]

Unlocking the Challenge of Video Data Management

Digitalsmiths Launches Unified Data Service to Ease Video Data Management The big data revolution created new possibilities for personalized discovery across a variety of entertainment industries including music, dating, news, retail, and dining. Video is no exception; with discovery opportunities depending on a foundation of quality video data, the management of this data becomes an [...]

Digitalsmiths Receives Frost & Sullivan’s Product Leadership Award

We are excited to announce Frost & Sullivan recently awarded Digitalsmiths Seamless Discovery® the Product Leadership Award for delivering excellence in the personalized content discovery space. The Product Leadership Award began with Frost & Sullivan identifying a number of content discovery vendors, followed by an extensive, non-biased analyst review of product features, innovation, market acceptance, [...]

Digitalsmiths’ Q1 2013 Video Discovery Trends Report: Consumer Behavior Across Pay-TV, VOD, OTT, Connected Devices and Next-Gen Features

Based on our survey of over 1,800 consumers, Digitalsmiths’ “Q1 2013 Video Discovery Trends Report: Consumer Behavior Across Pay-TV, VOD, OTT, Connected Devices and Next-Gen Features,” sheds light on key industry topics around consumers’ TV viewing habits, their perception of Pay-TV providers, and opinions of next-gen features such as personalized video discovery. This is our [...]

Digitalsmiths Crosses 1 Billion API Transactions per Month

Digitalsmiths recently reached a major milestone, surpassing over 1 billion API transactions per month. This figure represents the delivery of personalized search results and recommendations to millions of consumers across North America, and will continue to grow over the coming year. The growth in API transactions is being driven by not only net new customers, [...]

The Complete Guide to Evaluating Personalized Video Search and Recommendations Platforms

Personalized video search and recommendations have been on the priority lists for some time now; however, 2012 was the year video discovery moved to the top of those lists. Faced with increasing competition, and growing evidence of consumer frustrations, service providers have accepted the fact that existing methods for finding content are not enough, plus [...]