Digitalsmiths Crosses 1 Billion API Transactions per Month

Digitalsmiths recently reached a major milestone, surpassing over 1 billion API transactions per month. This figure represents the delivery of personalized search results and recommendations to millions of consumers across North America, and will continue to grow over the coming year.

The growth in API transactions is being driven by not only net new customers, but also new Seamless Discovery features that are being leveraged by our customers. In 2012 alone, Digitalsmiths added some incredible new features to the Seamless Discovery platform including:

  • Business Rules Engine: Creates an additional layer of customization that can be used to rank revenue-generating content such as VOD titles, create strategic product offerings, deliver targeted promotions to different subsets of consumers, and up-sell/cross-sell premium content and services, creating new possibilities for enhancing and monetizing personalized video discovery experiences.
  • Curated Lists: Enables Seamless Discovery customers to curate lists of assets to promote, or promote assets based on a countless variety of pre-defined and custom criteria. These lists can be used to create strategic promotions around seasonal content or special events, or to upsell current subscribers to increase VOD and premium content purchases.
  • Mood-based Discovery: Allows consumers to easily isolate titles based on what they’re in the mood for at any given time.
  • Social Trending: Leverages social conversations in recommendations to help consumers discover the most popular video entertainment that meets their personal preferences.

These API transactions are also a testament to Digitalsmiths’ rich big data expertise and experience. To deliver each search result and recommendation, Seamless Discovery integrates, normalizes and leverages thousands of data points gathered from consumers’ implicit and explicit ratings, EPGs, VOD catalogs and other 3rd party sources. The result is a superior personalized discovery experience that is driving higher engagement and new revenue for our customers, which is by far our proudest accomplishment.