Digitalsmiths Scores an Assist with Video Highlights for Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball Experience

Over the last five years fantasy sports have skyrocketed in popularity. From football and basketball to auto-racing and golf, fantasy leagues, teams and drafts have become engrained in the fan experience, changing the ways in which consumers engage with sports. This year, Digitalsmiths is proud to be working with one of the biggest players in fantasy sports to deliver a video-enhanced Fantasy Basketball experience to NBA fans.

Throughout the regular season, Digitalsmiths will be creating hundreds of highlights a night live across all NBA games and pushing those in real time to the Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball experience, the official game of the NBA. When fans login online they will be able to see highlights that are contextually relevant to their Fantasy Basketball teams.

The new Fantasy Basketball video functionality is a win for not only the fans, but also Yahoo!, Turner Sports and the NBA. The video highlights created and delivered by Digitalsmiths represent new opportunities to monetize NBA video assets and increase engagement and page views on the Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball site, which in turn contribute to larger ad inventories and additional revenue.

In addition to the thrill that comes from driving engagement and revenue for our customers by making video more discoverable, we, as fantasy sports fanatics ourselves, are already enjoying the richer experience created by the game-winning combination of Fantasy Basketball and video.