Q4 2013 Video Discovery Trends Report

New video services are rapidly emerging and as a result, consumers’ TV viewing habits are evolving. How are consumers leveraging these new services? How are these affecting Pay-TV providers? What adjustments should Pay-TV providers implement?

Download this quarterly report to get real, unbiased feedback on a variety of key topics including:

  • Which key trends emerged in a quarter-over-quarter comparison of video consumption from the initial Q4 2012 results to Q4 2013 findings?
  • Are consumers watching more live or time-shifted TV?
  • What is the hottest trend of all: cord-cutting, cord-thinning or cord-cheating?
  • What are consumers watching on their tablets, smartphones and gaming devices?
  • What, if any, third-party 2nd screen apps are actually being used, and which apps are the clear dominators?
  • How are Pay-TV provider’s TV Everywhere solutions gaining awareness and usage?
  • What video content discovery features and solutions are most desirable to consumers?