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“There’s nothing on TV.”

Service Provider
Finding something to watch on TV has become an overwhelming and frustrating endeavor, driving viewers to flip flop between providers and even thin or cut the cord. To reverse this trend, the industry must realize viewers are no longer satisfied with manually flipping through 200+ channels to find something relevant to watch, nor are they willing to settle for content on the same 12 channels when they are paying for so many more. Simply put, service providers need to make it easier for viewers to find what they want to watch when they want to watch it.

Digitalsmiths Seamless Discovery revolutionizes the ease and speed with which viewers can find engaging content. With Digitalsmiths’ unparalleled collection of scene-level data at its core, Seamless Discovery delivers the most sophisticated personalized discovery solution in the industry. By combining data from multiple sources including 3rd party metadata providers, VOD catalogs, your EPG and social networks, Digitalsmiths creates a deeper level of intelligence around video content.

Seamless Discovery allows service providers to control and influence recommendations results, inserting promotional or selected content in an up-sell and cross-sell model. Seamless Discovery also enables customized results based on multiple inputs including user demographics, subscription level, behavioral criteria, thus ensuring content meets the service provider’s business goals while still providing a personalized experience.