The 3 S’s of Content Discovery

“Five hundred channels and nothing to watch.”

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Sound familiar? The truth is there is plenty of engaging, quality TV buried in the hundreds of thousands of choices available to the subscriber as part of their PayTV subscription. But when you add in the ever-increasing content available on the web, the true scale of the problem facing consumers becomes apparent.

For content providers, aggregators, and operators helping viewers find their content in the morass of available options is too important to leave to a nifty user interface or simple search. Helping a customer discover the right movie at the right time could be the difference between keeping their business or not.

This webinar will discuss:

  • An overview of the evolution of content discovery solutions
  • The challenges inherent in today’s discovery experience
  • The impact of incorporating the 3 S’s of Content Discovery
  • Practical advice on how to offer meaningful discovery solutions to your subscribers