MetaFrame is a unified framework for the creation, aggregation and distribution of rich data across your media business. An approach that is unmatched in the industry, MetaFrame processes each frame of video using proprietary algorithms such as facial recognition, scene classification, speech recognition, natural language processing, closed-caption time alignment and ad break detection to build a rich time-based, data management framework – or MetaFrame – of intelligent video tags.

With more than 80 unique data tracks, MetaFrame manages hundreds, even thousands, of potential video elements (characters, actors, scene details, music cues, locations, behavioral information, etc.), to give you the deepest level of intelligence about your assets.

Advanced Discovery

MetaFrame allows you to comb your video library for matches across a complex set of criteria such as actor names, characters, locations, objects within a scene and specific dialogue. Resulting clips display in an intuitive time-based thumbnail, making it easy for users to precisely pinpoint and play back the exact frame of video where the search criteria appears. This makes discovery faster, easier and more accurate to drive increased viewing times and build new audiences for premium content.

New Monetization Opportunities

Create short-form inventory to build B2B and B2C clip portals, and second-screen and mobile applications to uncover new licensing opportunities and revenue streams for premium video content. Create, manage and distribute premium, time-based data to improve discovery and increase viewing times

Streamlined Rights
and Licensing Management

MetaFrame integrates seamlessly with your existing Content Management System (CMS) or distribution platform to streamline rights management and licensing.