Seamless Discovery

Guided by the belief that consumers should not have to work to find relevant content—the content should find them—Digitalsmiths provides the industry’s most comprehensive video discovery platform, offering personalized search, recommendations and browsing, social trending, mood-based discovery, and a business rules engine for all connected devices. Built for service providers, content providers and consumer electronics manufacturers, Digitalsmiths Seamless Discovery® enables personalized discovery experiences that instantly connect consumers to the most relevant movies, TV shows and live events available, at any time, on any screen.

Seamless Discovery supports all video types, video sources, and connected devices, spanning:

  • Movies, TV, and Live Events
  • Linear, Premium Channels, VOD, and OTT
  • Set-top Boxes, Smart TVs, Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops/Desktops, and Gaming Consoles

Seamless Discovery delivers superior personalized video discovery experiences that drive higher consumer engagement and satisfaction, and has been proven to predict with 95% accuracy what a viewer will want to watch next.

Learn more about Seamless Discovery’s key features being used today by major Pay-TV providers such as Time Warner Cable and Univision, making Digitalsmiths the leader in personalized video discovery in the North American MVPD environments.

Digitalsmiths understands consumers want to discover content different ways at different times; therefore, Seamless Discovery is the leading video discovery platform focused on the multiple methods in which viewers will want to find content, regardless of the device one is using.

Unified Data Service™

Digitalsmiths’ Unified Data Service creates a single index where multiple structured and unstructured video related data sources are ingested, aggregated, reconciled and stored providing a master collection of metadata. This capability offers Cable, Satellite, and Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MVPD) a deep video metadata library that increases the contextual data of each video asset.

Combine data from the Unified Data Service with Viewer Behavioral Data, and Seamless Discovery’s Data Management capabilities provide a robust dataset as the foundation to power numerous types of personalized video discovery applications including search, recommendations, social discovery, mood discovery, voice navigation and more.

The Unified Data Service has been architected to manage this every increasing set of big data pools including the following:

  • Digitalsmiths’ Proprietary Scene-Level, Time-Based Metadata
  • Digitalsmiths’ Proprietary Mood Metadata
  • Service Provider’s VOD Catalogs Data
  • Service Provider’s Linear Schedule Data
  • Service Provider’s Specific Third-Party Data Sources
  • Pre-Mapped Third-Party Data Sources – The Unified Data Service is pre-mapped to key third-party industry sources to speed up implementations, and spans a variety of functions including:
    • Industry Leading Linear Schedule Data
    • Industry Leading VOD Catalog Data
    • Over-The-Top Data
    • Social Network Data
    • Critic Ratings & Reviews
    • Video Trailers

Personalized Search

Personalized SearchPowering search results based on a viewer’s preferences and behaviors, Seamless Discovery takes searching down to a personalized level. Seamless Discovery’s Personalized Search supports a wide range of search filtering and faceting functionality, and leads the industry in accuracy through its ability to surface far more than the commonly-used, asset-level data such as title, description, genre, cast, etc. Personalized Search results are also powered by Digitalsmiths proprietary scene-level, time-based metadata. Viewers can now search for “Mr. Pink” and Reservoir Dogs will appear, or “Clint Eastwood 44 magnum” to find movies that Clint Eastwood used a 44 magnum and only the relevant Dirty Harry movies will be listed in the results. The search results can then be ordered by the viewer’s or group’s preferences.

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized Recommendations

Seamless Discovery can blend multiple video sources including Linear, Premium Channels, VOD, and OTT offerings with other data sources to deliver multiple types of Personalized Recommendations features including:

  • Individual Personalized Recommendations

    Seamless Discovery delivers personalized recommendations based on a number of data sources including video metadata paired with a viewers’ ratings of content (explicit event data), as well as behavioral data such as viewings, purchases, recordings, searches, and favorites (implicit event data). In addition, Seamless Discovery supports TV Everywhere environments and can identify, track and manage a viewer’s preferences on his or her set-top box, tablet, mobile device, etc. and will deliver personalized recommendations accordingly.

  • Group Personalized Recommendations

    In real-time, Seamless Discovery takes multiple individual profiles and combines them to deliver personalized recommendations for a couple, a family, or a group of viewers.

  • Personalized Browsing

    The average Pay-TV subscriber watches between 8-10 channels of their TV package. Since many consumers pay for many more channels than they watch, Seamless Discovery’s Personalized Browsing increases the average number of channels watched by surfacing relevant, once hidden content, which ultimately increases viewer satisfaction and engagement.

    The Personalized Browsing functionality can replace the traditional, channel-based EPG used today with a personalized, linear browsing experience that incorporates live TV, VOD and premium content. This cross-catalog display simplifies the view of what’s airing and when, giving the viewer a personalized snapshot of only the most relevant movies, TV shows, and live events available regardless of channels.

  • Item Similarity

    Seamless Discovery supports the ability to recommend similar titles to a particular video asset. Seamless Discovery’s Item Similarity uses asset-level metadata, as well as viewer data and preferences to deliver the most accurate, personalized results.

Social Discovery

Social Trending Buzz on social networks is playing an increasingly important role in consumers’ viewing decisions. Seamless Discovery’s Social Trending functionality incorporates real-time social data to surface the most buzzed-about content on social networks. Social Trending allows service providers to reveal the most popular content during a number of different time frames, such as what was talked about last Friday, what live TV is being talked about now, and/or what is most talked about but airs over the next three days.

Mood Discovery

Mood Based RecommendationsA viewer’s mood often dictates the type of TV shows and/or movies he/she would like to watch; therefore, Digitalsmiths Mood Discovery provides yet another method to easily discover content by isolating titles based on what the viewer is in the mood for at any given time.

Seamless Discovery’s Mood Discovery is powered by hundreds of thousands of potential combinations and preferences based on video mood, setting, theme, era, location, and many other factors.

Sports Discovery

Curated ListsWith more and more channels airing sports content, many of which are not on the networks commonly searched by viewers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find one’s favorite team. Sports Discovery surfaces a viewer’s favorite teams and/or sporting events that were once hidden, reducing the time spent channel surfacing. This application will appeal to the true sports fanatic by recommending sporting events the viewer likes to watch and/or currently has a high “excitement” factor; for example, a game that is tied in overtime, or an underdog is about to beat a number one ranked team.

Business Console

Seamless Discovery’s Business Console provides the ability to incorporate a service provider’s business needs and requirements into its video discovery solution. The Business Console is an intuitive interface where the service provider can strategically control the outputs of each personalized video discovery feature delivered to its viewers. This additional layer of customization can be used to boost revenue-generating content such as VOD titles, create strategic product offerings, deliver targeted promotions to different subsets of consumers, and up-sell/cross-sell premium content and services, creating new possibilities for enhancing and monetizing personalized video discovery experiences.

  • Business Rules

    Business Rules can boost or promote once-hidden, revenue-generating content based on viewer preferences, subscription/entitlement levels, previous watch events, geography, time of day/year, and countless other pre-defined or custom criteria controlling the output of search results, recommendations, and browsing. Business Rules can filter all video content including: linear, premium channels, VOD, and OTT content.

    Seamless Discovery supports the ability to conduct A/B tests of business rules on any subset of viewers, allowing the service provider to deploy only the best performing rules to the full target audience.

  • Curated Lists

    Curated ListsWithin Seamless Discovery, service providers can create grouped listings of content, or playlists, which can be used to influence search results in a number of different ways including filtering, boosting, and sorting. Regardless of a user’s technical level, Curated Lists can be created and edited through its simple drag-and-drop functionality providing yet another method for providers to feature, enhance, and monetize the video discovery experience through strategic promotions.

    A few examples illustrating the power of Curated Lists include:

    • Create lists to promote seasonal content, or special events such as The Oscars
    • Increase VOD purchases by creating a list of $2.99 movies, or new releases
    • Appeal to parents and kids by developing a list of popular, or new kids movies
    • Create lists based on genres or asset-level information, such as Action Movies or Romantic Comedies

  • Cold Start

    For new viewers, Seamless Discovery supports the ability to “cold start” by presenting the viewer with content to rate, and the platform can deliver personalized recommendations based on as few as five to ten ratings. Seamless Discovery continues to update this “new” profile in real-time as future activities take place, ensuring the most accurate recommendations on an ongoing basis.