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Digitalsmiths’ Q3 2016 Video Trends Report: Consumer Behavior Across Pay-TV, VOD, PPV, OTT, TVE, Connected Devices, and Content Discovery

Already in 2016, existing OTT providers and digital publishers have announced new and expanded offerings through which consumers can watch their favorite TV shows/movies. In addition to these new offerings, the effects of cord-cutting, cord-cheating, and other trends continue to be discussed. Given all the options available, it’s more important than ever for pay-TV providers to keep a pulse on the ever-changing TV landscape, as well as how these changes affect consumers’ viewing habits and perceptions of providers.

Download this quarterly report to get real, unbiased feedback on key topics including:

  • New: Respondents give an ideal price for each channel desired in their à la carte pay-TV package.
  • New: A detailed analysis of respondents who would like to pair a skinny bundle with a free streaming service that features commercials—an option that could potentially be the solution to churn.
  • New: A breakdown of content types viewed daily, as well as respondent sentiment on whether there is ample time to view all available content.
  • Quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year trends across pay-TV, VOD, PPV, OTT, TVE, TV network apps, connected devices and content discovery.

Digitalsmiths White Paper: Design the Ultimate Pay-TV User Experience

In this golden age of television, the amount of content available to viewers has never been greater. TV viewers should always be able to find something interesting to watch when Pay-TV user experiences present viewing options intelligently. However, Digitalsmiths’ data clearly demonstrates that viewers struggle to get to the right content, so what should Pay-TV providers do to make this easier for subscribers?

The answer, is to optimize the viewer experience to one that is more content discovery-focused. Pay-TV providers need to consider multiple approaches and accelerate efforts to provide an improved viewer experience.

Download and learn:

  • Best practices to help deliver a more content discovery-focused offering.
  • The role personalization plays in powering next-gen Pay-TV experiences.
  • The importance of a new form of content recommendations: Predictive Recommendations.
  • The top carousels and content recommendations all Pay-TV providers should implement.
  • How to address the viewers’ needs of both “instant discovery” and “future-proof discovery.”

Digitalsmiths White Paper: Key Performance Indicators Video Providers Must Track to Drive Views and Engagement

As video service providers roll out new apps, services, and UIs across more devices than ever, content delivery continues to expand beyond the set-top box. Thus, video service providers are now tasked with understanding how these new solutions affect viewer engagement and how to best optimize the user experience.

Additionally, these new video service offerings drive an unprecedented amount of useful, personalized data. Accessing this data isn’t the challenge, but extracting meaningful signals from this wealth of data to derive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that truly align with the video service provider’s goals can be difficult.

Download and learn:

  • The top KPIs all video service providers should be tracking.
  • How to track what Digitalsmiths considers the most critical and impactful new metric, a ‘Discovery Session.’
  • How to set baseline KPIs.
  • Best practices on how to overcome the complexities that content discovery functionality can add to data analysis.
  • How to leverage data from these KPIs to enable data-driven optimization of a viewing experience.

Digitalsmiths White Paper: The War Between OTT & Pay-TV Providers: Best Practices for Pay-TV Providers to Win the War Through Personalized Experiences

The video industry is experiencing a radical shift in how much time consumers spend watching traditional Pay-TV services versus OTT services such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. In 2015, the average Pay-TV subscriber spent less time each day watching traditional TV than they did in 2011, while view time for the average Netflix subscriber grew almost 25% during this same period. Additionally, 92% of Netflix subscribers are satisfied with the service, while only 76% of Pay-TV subscribers are satisfied.*

Pay- TV providers must focus not only on why consumers are gravitating toward these OTT offerings, but also on how these providers can slow and ultimately reverse the trend.

This white paper addresses the following topics:

  • An overview of the war between OTT and the Pay-TV industry
  • Best practices for Pay-TV providers to implement in effort to counter the OTT shift in viewing
  • Detailed analysis on OTT’s investment in content discovery verses Pay-TV providers’ efforts
  • How to leverage subscriber data to deliver personalized TV experiences and content discovery functionality that will increase viewing and engagement
  • Case studies on the results of data-driven Personalized Recommendations

*See white paper for all sources and citations.


Digitalsmiths White Paper: Leverage Personalized Data to Increase Subscriber Trust and Engagement

Video service providers must accept that subscribers perceive various levels of trust in their service. It’s extremely important to fully understand and recognize subscribers’ sentiments towards their video service before delivering marketing promotions, whether it’s for VOD rentals, premium packages, or new services, etc.

By leveraging personalized subscriber data, Digitalsmiths has classified four main groups, defined the level of trust each group recognizes in their video service provider, and how to optimize content discovery efforts based on this actionable data.

Download this white paper to better understand:

  • How to leverage personalized data to group subscribers
  • The four key groups: Non-Engaged/Low Viewing, Non-Engaged/High Viewing, Engaged/Low Viewing, Engaged/High Viewing
  • How to leverage Multivariate A/B Tests to deliver the right promotion, at the right time
  • Real examples of how personalized content promotions, based on real view data, can increase Engagement and ARPU

Digitalsmiths Content Discovery Tips Series: Data-Powered Personalized Content Discovery: Tips on What Data Really Matters and How to Manage the Data

It is no secret that video service providers are faced with an enormous amount of video metadata, all of which is in its own silo. In addition, the enormous amount of viewer behavioral data (views, records, etc.) required to properly power personalized recommendations. Then, the real question becomes, how can you wrangle value from all this data, and analyze it to create innovative content discovery features.

It’s imperative to understand what data really matters and what technology is needed to leverage a full dataset to power high quality, accurate personalized content discovery features?

Download and learn:

  • What video metadata really matters when powering personalized content search and recommendations
  • Top 4 best practices for identifying and managing video metadata
  • What technology and methods are needed to manage scalability to power the most accurate recommendations
  • What data is needed to properly analyze the performance of a content discovery platform

Digitalsmiths Content Discovery Tips Series: Key Challenges and Best Practices for Personalized Search Implementations

Personalized search is one of the many key ways in which viewers want to discover content. It’s imperative that once discovery has been deployed, Pay-TV providers should continue to monitor how subscribers interact with the personalized search functionality. Provided with the right engagement data, Pay-TV providers can continue to optimize the personalized search implementation to ensure that it continues to increase overall customer satisfaction and engagement.

Download and learn key challenges and best practices to deploy personalized search:

  • Best practices to help with efficiency and accuracy of personalized search
  • Examples of successful and unsuccessful personalized search implementations
  • How content searches perform on keyboarded devices versus non-keyboarded devices
  • How to minimize and leverage data to reduce future failed searches

Digitalsmiths White Paper: Crushing Data Silos: Unified Information Access Provides Foundation for Next-Generation Video Applications

It is no secret that video providers are faced with an enormous amount of video metadata, all of which is in its own silo. David Schubmehl, Research Director for Search, Content Analytics and Discovery research for IDC, researched and analyzed the complexities associated with video metadata issues in relation to unified information access. Download this report that covers the key obstacles, trends and benefits associated with robust video metadata management, as well as the consumer-facing technologies this unified information powers such as personalized video discovery including content recommendations, natural search, voice navigation and more.

Download this white paper and learn:

  • The characteristics associated with unified information access platforms for video metadata
  • Key obstacles, trends, and benefits of robust video metadata unification
  • The consumer experience as a result of high quality unified video metadata
  • How Digitalsmiths Unified Data Service™ fits into the big picture of unified information access
  • An analyst’s insight into long-term trends in the evolving space of technology powered by unified video metadata

Digitalsmiths Receives Frost & Sullivan’s Product Leadership Award

After a non-biased, third-party review of the industry landscape, Frost & Sullivan recently awarded Digitalsmiths the Product Leadership Award for delivering excellence in the personalized content discovery space. Frost & Sullivan’s Product Leadership Award began with the identification of a number of content discovery vendors, followed by an extensive analyst review of product features, innovation, market acceptance, value and quality level of each vendor.

Download the report to read the full analysis of how Digitalsmiths Seamless Discovery® stacked up to industry competitors.

For the Product Leadership Award, the following criteria was used to benchmark Digitalsmiths’ performance against key competitors:

  • Product Features/Functionality
  • Innovative Element of the Product
  • Product Acceptance in the Marketplace
  • Provides Customer Value Enhancements
  • Product Quality

Digitalsmiths White Paper: Guide to Evaluating Personalized Video Search and Recommendations Platforms

It is common news Pay-TV subscribers are increasingly frustrated with having to work to find personally relevant TV shows and movies. In addition, they have more OTT alternatives to turn to for their video needs than ever before. As these dissatisfactions continue to chip away at the provider’s bottom line, improving the video discovery experience is a top priority for Pay-TV providers big and small.

This unbiased guide will assist Pay-TV providers with the analysis and identification of the ideal search and recommendations platform by outlining key functions in the decision-making process including:

  • The five steps to include in the decision-making process
  • Key considerations for internal teams involved
  • Key questions to ask the vendors each step of the way
  • Helpful hints to ensure the chosen platform meets business goals and improves subscriber satisfaction

Digitalsmiths White Paper: Personalized Video Discovery: Best Practices for Optimizing Revenue Streams

The pay-TV industry is getting busier, consumers are more sensitive to cost than ever before, and program licensing fees are rising. To protect their bottom line from these threats, pay-TV providers need to pursue revenue-generating strategies that simultaneously boost ARPU and deliver superior value to consumers, without raising monthly rates.

The ideal personalized search and recommendations platform enables pay-TV providers to boost revenue and engagement, by removing the walls around VOD and premium catalogs and pushing relevant content to consumers.

Download and learn:

  • The direct revenue impact of blended content in personalized discovery platforms
  • Today’s viewing trends, and how these platforms improve the discovery experience
  • Must-have features for the ultimate video discovery solution
  • Revenue-generating examples for each key feature
  • Key technical requirements to guarantee it’s the most powerful, accurate solution

Digitalsmiths White Paper: The Data-Driven Video Discovery Evolution

The video discovery landscape is quickly evolving, and the future is seamless. The new data-driven approach is transforming content business models and creating new monetization opportunities.

Download and learn:

  • How your content can better connect directly to the personal preferences and profile attributes of each individual viewer
  • Why a fully integrated and “blended” platform is critical to success in a multi-platform, multi-device marketplace
  • What immediate and long-range returns you can expect from a true discovery solution

Digitalsmiths White Paper: Advances in Personalized Navigation: The Key to Next-Gen TV Experiences

As the TV landscape continues to get busier it becomes more important for providers to deliver an appealing experience to consumers. Today’s viewers are faced with an overwhelming amount of content and have no way to easily identify something that interests them. This article walks through today’s viewing habits, and illustrates the power that personalization has on the content discovery process.

Download and learn:

  • The latest viewing trends among US consumers
  • The role personalization plays in increasing customer engagement and monetizing content across all viewing devices
  • The key components needed to power the most accurate search and recommendations engine